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I had a real love affair with Pinterest for one semester. Spammers or not, it is simply too crowded now. Last week, I found Piccsy. I'll be using it now in place of Pinterest until spammers arrive.

What ruined the product for you? In what way is it too crowded?

(I am not affiliated with Pinterest. Just curious from a product perspective.)

That is it. I loved it, I still like it, but with scale comes inevitable problems. Another reason is that I like something niche. At 13M users, it's mainstream and not for me.

Don't you need an invite for that?

If you have any handy, can you send one my way?

You do. I do not have an account yet, but I am already visiting the site a few times daily for refreshment. I plan on emailing info@piccsy and see if i can convince them to give me a few invites. Will def. share then.

EDIT: Email daniel at piccsy dot com. He's the founder.

Try Wookmark. I see it kind of like this: Pinterest:YouTube::Wookmark:Vimeo. It's super clean and easy to use, and it has a paid version where you can save private images and start private groups. http://www.wookmark.com/

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