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Tell HN: Patreon is adding public member profiles, and they'll be on by default
24 points by tikkun 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
My understanding is that if you have patreon subscriptions, they'll go from being private on your profile, to being shown on your profile, as of Oct 4 2023.

I really wish companies would always do opt-in instead of opt-out for things that involve taking information that was assumed to be private and making it public.

If you have patreon subscriptions and you don't want them to be private, you'll need to go and cancel this.

EU resident here, just got the mail 3h ago.

I don't remember changing anything in my profile for years and after logging in it looked like this:

[ ] Full public profile

[x] Community profile

So apparently not enabled by default. While I don't condone such changes at all, I can't really complain. The mail is not overly long and the profile stuff is visible above the fold. Might be different for non-EU people. But yeah, I might have missed it if I hadn't been warned.


Can you check this out and let me know if I’ve interpreted it correctly? I’m hopeful that I’ve misinterpreted and it’s just that it’ll show some info but not all.

This is the link https://news.patreon.com/articles/patreon-all-in-on-communit...

It was from this email they sent to patrons:

Hi there, We just announced some exciting community features that aim to transform how fans connect among the communities that matter to them most. As part of this, we’re introducing new member profiles that are visible to fellow community members on Patreon and will help you show off your unique fandom. To prepare for these changes, we’re making updates to Patreon’s Privacy Policy, effective October 4, 2023. You can review the updated Privacy Policy here. Though you should read the full updated Policy to learn more, the main things to know about member profiles is that they will: Start rolling out broadly on October 4, 2023. Be on by default: You can turn your member profile off by adjusting your community profile setting, which is available on the web now and will be coming to our mobile apps soon. Learn more. If you turn your member profile off, your public profile will still be displayed to fellow community members. Learn more. Contain a small set of information to start with: At launch, your member profile will look like this

Include more information in the future and show more than your public profile: The updated Privacy Policy explains the information we may add to member profiles and otherwise share with fellow community members in the future, including your membership tier associated with that community and the communities on Patreon to which you and the person viewing your member profile both belong. Thank you for using Patreon!

Plus I can't see how it's legal under GDPR.

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