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Ask HN: Any cloud products like FileMaker Pro c1990?
9 points by xtiansimon 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
Any cloud products like FileMaker Pro c1990?--What I mean is FMP was really good at making simple RDMBs with on-screen input layouts, list layouts, and very very nice print layouts. I have a small business client who needs a very simple invoicing system (create invoice, statements, print invoices) for no more than 1k/yr. There are a host of free/low cost options (ie. Zoho invoices), but the ecosystem of products is too broad and offers too little customization. Not to mention other more complicated options my client has tried and never used. Self-hosted could be an option if there's an OSS doing something close. Really, I've been passively keeping an eye out for a solution (not my job), and recently recalled some dope FMP databases I created years ago--somewhere in a box is a flaking CD-ROM with a FMP database of websites recommended by K10K.

Posted a question in the Retool Forum about using Retool for my application with on-screen and print layouts. Answer is basically _not at this time_, but you can read more in the Retool Team member response.

Simple Invoice System // Create a print template canvas https://community.retool.com/t/simple-invoice-system-create-...

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