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we're hiring a couple badass engineers at dropbox (python/c++; client/desktop app dev experience preferred).

we're backed by yc and sequoia... shoot me an email at drew AT getdropbox.com

"we're backed by yc and sequoia..."

... hmmmm.... I can't say being backed by sequoia is a great thing anymore. Being backed by Sequia means you probably will get fired as soon as the main product is built, to save on "runway" money. Disposable engineer, maybe lucky if you made it through a year and got some of of the stocks vested.

Sequoia backing might be great for founders, but with the recent happenings, definitely not for employee engineers.

Agreed, but not for the same reason. A better response would have been "we have great revenue and broke even X months ago" not "we're funded by VC money and consequently could go under at just about anytime".

Also, why are there 170 comments in this thread with many job openings but the 'jobs' section of HN is ... quiet?

That depends on what you're looking for. If you're just looking for a stable job, you're right. If you're looking for a position where you'll have a better chance of being in a leadership position, you're better getting in early. If the company's already profitable, your chance of eventually being, say, VP of engineering, isn't great.

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