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For the author @tipiirai here. A fair and functional challenge: what will be Nue solution for making this beautiful triangle?


As you can see it is 20 lines of code and zero hooks for React. It also takes a finite time to compute a limit > 2^10 without code sandbox complaining.

I wonder how much time Nue needs to render for limit=2^10? 2^100? Then we can compare.

Challenge accepted! Likely 5x less code and 2x faster. I'll keep you posted.

Ha, took me two minutes to make that code sandbox.

Can you tell me at least if it is possible in Nue to create something functional like this and how? Or is it just a bunch of macro with some weird imperatives inside usual XML syntax?

I really want to see 4 lines of code doing the same thing 2x faster :D

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