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1. In Haskell and ML, I don't feel like I spend my life Listing<List<T>, X<T>>, and I have type classes. In Python and Ruby, I don't have to specify types. This lets me do all kinds of convenient things.

I don't think it's far out to suggest these sorts of advantages, and I am 100% not interested in rehashing a flame war that's been had a thousand times over. Please allow that these are my judgements, and I hope you don't need to share them to see that many people feel that way.

2. That's nice? I found C# projects to have a poor sense of design. I'm not sure how you expect me to defend an aesthetic decision.

3. I'm glad you like Resharper? I didn't. I'm a vim guy.

4. I'm glad you like Windows? I don't. I see what you mean, as long as you stay in the MS womb, it's a cozy development environment. I tend to like open source software, and it lags behind very seriously in that department.

5. As I said, I last developed C# in 2009, and I thankfully haven't had to touch Windows since. I'm sure git is nice now, but I suspect that Windows is still a second class citizen for many software projects. Git is just the one that annoyed me most back then.

It seems to me that we simply have different aesthetic criteria.

as long as you stay in the MS womb

You don't need to debase an otherwise great conversation with incendiary language like that.

I certainly didn't write it to be incendiary, and I don't read it that way?

I'm not going to go back and edit it, but I'll ask you to give me the benefit of the doubt that I meant it to be as as far from incendiary as possible.

The perhaps unfortunate metaphor the womb implies is that developing in MS tools is like being a defenseless premature baby who needs to be protected from the big bad world until they come to full term and leave the MS environment behind.

To me, this metaphor could be extended to [whatever environment you first really liked]

I am delighted to give you the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for the explanation.

We do and that was my original impression. Yet you listed a number of items even though they all boiled down to the same thing as far as I could tell. Nothing wrong with having different tastes, I just wanted to see if I was missing something deeper in each point.

I stopped at the part where you compared ReSharper to VIM

I'm guessing you like to debug using print and the command prompt as well?

For most the world keeps on spinning, for some it stops in their youth. Sad.

Hell yeah vim rocks!

So too does the command line! high five

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