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River is a visual connection engine (maxbittker.com)
65 points by gregsadetsky 75 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Recommend turning sound on / enabling sound on mobile (i.e. turning ok the silent rocker switch)

Quite fun. I got to a zen-like place and just wanted to stay there :) https://river.maxbittker.com/?id=6524851

Are these images real or genAI?

I like this region as well, I've found it surprisingly hard to escape!

The images are all uploaded by humans to are.na, but some people do use are.na to organize their AI art. I would say less <5% ai content

At least some of them are “real” in the sense that I recognize the gifs from around the internet / their source videos :)

This is an incredible piece of software. I haven’t immediately felt joy like this with an app in a long time, I’ll be coming back to this quite a bit, seems like a great brainstorming tool, and a fun toy.

https://lexica.art/ can definitely provide such an interface to users to discover new prompts and explore the latent space of already generated public AI images on its platform.

This is so cool! Amazing work the creator!

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