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if your IDE writes 30-40% of code for you it just means your language needs at least 30-40% more code than it should to cleanly describe the algorihtm. (not dissing C# here, just all IDE-aised languages)

If my IDE writes 40% of my code it means i can call my functions ConnectToDatabaseCheckUserNameAndCountPosts() instead of ConDBusrCnt() just to save a few taps on the keyboard.

Though arguably that should be three different functions:


Obviously that's not taken from any real code but just the most obscure function name that still makes sense that i could make up in my head while writing the reply.

...But even after splitting it into three functions you would still save 60% of your keystrokes by using auto completion ;)


Which doesn't mean that you can get GetCellLocatuonById into Get CellLocation ById

Sorry for the formatting, the reply box on Android is malfunctioning.

Vim doesn't write any code for me yet I can still have long function names because of the cutting edge magic of auto-completion.

Autocompletion is writing code for you. That's what we're talking about here, in large part.


ConnectToDatabaseCheckUserNameAndCountPosts() should be 3 functions, not one.

not entirely true. some languages are very-IDE-aidable but verbose (java and c# come to mind), some are not very IDE-aidable but less verbose (ruby and python come to mind, various LISP variants also fit here I guess).

but that is not hard rule as, for instance, haskell is potentially-very-IDE-aidable AND less verbose.

now only the haskell IDEs need to mature :) but this is a mater of time.

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