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This is the founder of Bimaple. We provide hosted search and license our engine software with significantly better performance and capabilities than Lucene: (1) Supporting "Google-Instant" search experiences on your data; (2) Powerful error correction by doing fuzzy search; (3) Optimized for mobile users by doing instant fuzzy search with a speed 10x-100x higher than Lucene; (4) Optimized for geo-location apps; (5) Designed and developed ground up using C++. We have demonstrations on our homepage. If interested in using our service or software, please email contact AT bimaple.com.

Hi Chen,

It seems like an interesting product. Advertising here on HN is always tricky --- it's a balancing act between self-promotion and restraint. I voted your comment up in the hope that you'll stick around and tell us more about it. But perhaps more on the tech side, and less on the marketing.

Have you published any papers describing your approach? Or white papers with more meaty details? I work on the Apache Lucy project, and am very interested in things that work better than Lucene.

Hi nkurz,

Thanks for voting my comment up. Based on your request, I provide the following information. Let me know if you want to move this discussion to a private email discussion.

We have two published white papers to compare our engine with Lucene/Sor:

(1) A comparison white paper in the case of traditional keyword search: http://www.bimaple.com/files/Bimaple-Keyword-Search-Comparis... . We have a demonstration site to support instant, fuzzy search on Stack Overflow data (600K question titles as of January 2011): http://demo.bimaple.com/stackoverflow

(2) A comparison white paper in the case of geo-location keyword search: http://www.bimaple.com/files/Bimaple-Map-Search-White-Paper-... . We have a demonstration site to support instant, fuzzy search on 17 million US business listings: http://www.omniplaces.com . It has an iphone app at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/omniplaces/id466162583?mt=8

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at chenli AT bimaple DOT com. Thank you.

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