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If I wasn't using Google Chrome's web developer tools I'd probably consider JavaScript to be a nightmarish corpse of a language that punishes the slightest of typos with a silent malicious grin... Only by the grace of tools is JS tame at all

+100000. We can thank the Webkit Tools team (including folks from both Apple and Google) for making the web platform environment as pleasant as it is. Kudos!

> We can thank the Webkit Tools team (including folks from both Apple and Google)

webkit originally comes from the KDE project and was known as KHTML (with its KJS companion).. they basically showed the world that a decent HTML renderer can be written in nice-API-C++-code (Qt-style-nice-API) and with limited resources.

how long did Mozilla take to make Netscapes ancient codebase usable? it took forever!

and chrome+safari+android+iOS >= 40% of the browser market. wow.

anyway, lets also thank the KDE project that booted it. :)

Have you worked with Firebug before? Webkit tools is a carbon copy. It is smoother of course, in the same way Chrome is more polished han Firefox.

You're talking to Yehuda Katz here. Yes, he has worked with Firebug.

How these two compare to Dragonfly[1] (Opera). I never worked in depth with any of them so they look pretty same to me. Only difference I know is probably remote debugging which Opera had for years but there was no need for it in firebug/chrome dev so I wouldn't count it as an extra feature.

1. http://www.opera.com/dragonfly/features/ / https://bitbucket.org/scope/dragonfly-stp-1

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