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It is incredibly difficult to build a runtime like .NET, especially as it was never designed to be cross-platform.

Just a historical note: The Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure [1] aka "Rotor" is an alternative version of the .net 2.0 platform developed by Microsoft for research/education use. It can be compiled for FreeBSD and Mac OS X 10. Its rather out of date, but maybe shows that MS did make some kind of effort to make it cross-platform.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shared_Source_Common_Language_I...

I remember working on Rotor when I was at Corel.

I'm glad to see someone still uses it:)

Even outside of .NET, it's got a tool built-in to make L"strings" 16-bit on all platforms, which is cool for portability (and an implementation of nmake for unix, which can also come in handy)

Do you know how it relates to Silverlight for Mac?

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