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The Essence of Blogging, A UI Experiment Inspired by Svbtle (staydecent.ca)
89 points by cickpass_broken on March 23, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 22 comments

It's amazing how everyone is under the notion that Dustin coined the concept of simplistic blogging with a minimalist UI! Hilarity ensues for days...

I'm not sure how much generalizing you are doing. But, I was quite literally inspired by the exact words Dustin wrote: "essence of blogging" as well as the recent unveiling of his UI. I don't think I ever claimed he coined anything.

I'm simply generalising here.

True, but in essence you're saying that you're amazed that everyone doesn't know everything. No one knows everything, and few people have encyclopedic knowledge of a niche topic like blogging. I'm amazed you didn't know that. ;-)

Svbtle looks like the most straightforward blogging platform since Posterous v1.

Well, he certainly excited interest in it.

Amazing how fast the original idea has evolved. There are now at least three versions being simultaneously developed and two of them didn't even exist a day ago.

Original? Isn't this basically Ryan Tomayko's "Administrative Debris" all over again?


The commenter meant original as in the original idea that sparked these subsequent, similar attempts at simplifying blogging, and experimenting with finding and capturing its essence.

Fantastic work. Much more in tune with what ought to be the spirit of hacking! Building, growing, and innovating on each others' work.

Are you going to separate this interface into its own git repo or fold it into Gum?


I think that's a great idea (to separate the repo). I was thinking about how to use this UI for multiple popular blogging platforms (Mainly WordPress and static generators).

Could you provide any help in naming the UI repo?

"I've only tested it on Chrome."

...so I thought I'd test a few more browsers:

   * Firefox 11 - Works perfectly (I guess that's to be expected)
   * Opera 11.61 - the bottom bar doesn't appear.
   * TouchPad browser (WebKit-based) - Works great!
If anyone can verify other browsers (like IE?), I bet the author would appreciate it.

> If anyone can verify other browsers (like IE?), I bet the author would appreciate it.

Chrome v19.0.1077.3 on OS X (latest dev build) doesn't show the bottom bar.

You'd better fix the remote inclusion and be safe. This site is _Hacker_ News, anyway.

Honestly I believe that this is the proper way of stealing an idea, just like Picasso once taught us...

You took the concept and tried to developed it even further. Successfully or not, I can praise this, unlike the other ripoff...

I concur!

Love it!

But I cant paste images into the body of the blog.

Support for that would make it perfect.

Actually - put explicit IMGUR support in there with a tool that allows me to simply paste the imgur link...

drag and drop image would be awesome!

Second that!

(If the author is reading...) Since you're using jQuery for the interface, this plugin might be perfect:


also, check out the quora thread on this subject:


Dustin's Svbtle is really inspirational!

This is why Dustin originally shared his ideas.

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