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I agree.

I'm not especially fond of the Haxe language, but it's Good Enough that I'm happy using it day to day.

However, its ability to export to so many different targets (C++, Javascript [+ Node.js], Java in beta I believe, Flash SWF, AS3, Tamarin, PHP etc) is a real killer feature.

Would that count towards this poll or not?

Which targets are you using?

Wouldn't be awkward to use Haxe for a project that employed language specific APIs? It seems like the sweet spot would be using it to write basic libraries that had no external dependencies.

C++, Flash, and Tamarin and Neko experimentally.

Platform specific APIs are awkward, which is why it's mainly used for writing games. NekoNME abstracts most of that away. I'm not so sure how easily it does node.js.

But the standard runtime for Haxe has been ported to the other languages in a fairly bulletproof way.

So the end result is being able to make games that run in the browser and on the desktop from the same source code?

Any other reason why someone might want to use it?

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