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None. I like Lisp but it has its problem. I don't like Java but it is useful and it has good tools and a ton of libraries. I like C, but it needs better libraries and it can be a little cumbersome to write. I don't like C++, but there are cases where one of its features are useful.

I hate PHP but it is easy to write a quick backend in which can be deployed everywhere. I hate Javascript, but it is hard to beat it in the browser.

I summary I don't have a favorite language, they all kinda suck and kinda don't. It all depends on what I need to use them for.

Sounds like you would like clojure.

No. I tried it but it fails in two ways:

1) all the libraries are it takes advantage of are written in Java and this doesn't fit the closure style of coding at all.

2) the available tools just suck. Sorry, but without autocompletion the time it takes to write something balloons way, way too high.

I guess 2 would have been less of an issue 20 years ago -- back then most of the IDEs that we use today did exist -- but it is not 20 years ago. It is now.

Totally agree with you on 1). I found Clojure uses Java libraries even for the most basic stuff, and that forced you into unLisp like code. That is acceptable for Java folk, but when you want to stay closer to Lisp, that's a problem.

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