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Agreed, Titanium seems really useful. It bundles a lot of the modules that I usually use with CGI::Application and is logically put together.

I have about 12 years of Perl CGI stuff for different projects (most of which is still running) but I started to feel geek envy a few years ago when the world decided that you were not cool without AJAX. I looked into Java EE and realized I just was not an "enterprise" person and then at the different PHP frameworks before doing by first Rails app using Hobo. I have to say that was remarkably fun and easy to put together but I'm still not completely happy about having to run a cluster of mongrels and having to coordinate them with Apache. (That might not be the cool way to deploy Rails apps now, mea culpa.)

CGI::Appplication and Titanium (including modules like HTML::Template and HTML::FillInForm) are simple to use, work with all of the authentication stuff that I interface with, and scale perfectly for the number of users that I typically have.

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