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HumbledMBA acquired by 42Floors (YC W12) (humbledmba.com)
58 points by jaf12duke on Mar 22, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

I'm sure this was just a talent acquisition. As far as I can tell, HumbledMBA wasn't doing very well. I think I remember seeing an article on VentureBeat saying they had -3 daily active users.

Who are you and what have you done with Paul Graham?

I don't mean to be that guy, but you are not really adding anything to the discussion.

Lately, whenever a startup is acquired, there have been haters that pop up on HN to say "That was actually a failure! A mere talent acquisition!" Even if the company sold for tens of millions of dollars and had millions of users. Usually, some irrelevant and dubiously sourced metrics are included, to demonstrate just how much of a "failure" the commenter thinks the founders are.

I think that's what pg is referencing.

It rarely pays to be pedantic when parody is involved. If you want to get really nit picky are you really adding anything to a jest by imposing forum rules?

Yeah, seriously, talk about Eternal September. ;)

I was going to hate on the parody, but you got the man himself supporting your jokes, so how can I hate on that :) Congrats on everything so far with 42floors. Excited to see where you take it.

(For the unwary / spoiler alert: HumbledMBA is Jason Freedman's personal blog, it's popular on HN, and Jason recently started 42Floors, so this is basically a startup acquisition blog post parody. Unless I'm totally missing something.)

I see what you did there.

But really, great job with 42floors so far, Jason. The site is gorgeous, and I suspect the other critical moving parts of the business are equally fine-tuned. I'll be checking the new source from now on, and am looking forward to reading more great "humbled" content in the future.

LOL: Can users that don't pay be called customers? hmm. Return to that thought later

I think we should call them "Revenue Evaders"

> YC W12


> all of our investors (as if)


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