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Google is not an ad company. People just like to say that because they think it's clever or surprising or something. Google does not produce ads. They sell ad space. So does Facebook. So does NBC. These are product companies selling ad space.

And without a great product, the ad space wouldn't be very valuable.

Totally agree. This is why Google cares so much about the quality of results.

Are you aware that Google runs an entire ad network? It's said to dominate the field of online advertising.

Anyone know what proportion of their revenue comes from ad placement on their own product pages?

I didn't understand the reasoning behind the retort.

>Are you aware that Google runs an entire ad network?

Which would mean that they would want to keep such third party sites interesting, fast and high quality as well. Chrome, Analytics and their other similar products/services are hence justified.

I'm saying the search engine, email, phone OS, and social forums are Google products which are just tangentially related to their advertising business. It would be interesting to know what the real split in revenue is in the discussion about what their real "product" is.

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