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vibrunazo 756 days ago | link | parent

> Serving personalized results to users may increase click-through rates but it degrades the idea we form of what Google is and what it does.

If it serves me better results, then how so?

eli_gottlieb 756 days ago | link

Who says it serves you better results? If I type in "tea", am I searching for Tealuxe in Harvard Square or am I searching for the botanical and scientific material on a common drink or am I searching for recipes? The new "social+local" Google biases my results towards the former.

A search engine used to be a tool for reaching out into the world and finding something new. Now it searches through what I already know? What's the point in that?


mayanksinghal 756 days ago | link

Search engines were never a content discovery tool for me. I use HN, Twitter, Facebook for that. Some others use Digg, Pinterest and Reddit. When I search on a search engine, I am looking for a solution to a question that I have.


yew 756 days ago | link

Better can mean 'more liked' and 'more accurate' which are not necessarily equivalent. Accuracy being something of a fuzzy category, of course.


falling 756 days ago | link

Here’s how: http://dontbubble.us

I always thought that search personalization was of course better, until that page made me think about the downsides.


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