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I've watched the video ... if that is sexist, then what about this perfume commercial with a half naked Matthew M McConaughey? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL83sQG8fFA

Or all those commercials with half naked men aimed at selling male underwear to women (so their man will look just as good).

Is that sexism too? Why does nobody cry about that type of sexism?

Guess what I'm asking, in general, why is sexism towards women so horrible and sexism towards men is simply accepted as the way things are?

> why is sexism towards women so horrible and sexism towards men is simply accepted as the way things are?

Feminists are opposed to sexism towards men. The reason you hear a lot more about sexism towards women is that men are the dominant of the two genders, so sexism against us [men] holds us back a lot less. This is particularly true in tech: how many men would you guess have ever left the tech field due to sexism compared to how many women?

Also, another point: it's appropriate to use appearance to sell products, when those products are related to appearance or attractiveness. If you're marketing a product that's going to make people look and feel sexier, it's totally fine to demonstrate that by showing sexy people using that product.

Geekli.st is not a product that's meant to enhance your appearance, it's meant to enhance your career. So the women is in her underwear, why?

And in fact, in the ad, only the woman's appearance is deemed important. The man is wearing a t-shirt and shorts, while the woman is in her underwear. That contrast to me is the most obvious reason why this is sexist. The man is essentially dressed like a hacker, and the woman is dressed like eye candy.

The difference is that there's not a big Twitter argument (that I know of anyway) by people who are offended by the Matthew McConaughey commercial. If there was, Dolce and Gabbana would have to deal with it, just like Geeklist is having to deal with this one.

This is not exercise in defining objective rules about what "is" and "is not" sexist. Sexism is highly subjective, like most social topics. What matters is that a geek girl--supposedly the target audience for Geeklist--complained about a Geeklist video.

Complaints about brand are not uncommon. If you manage a well-known brand they WILL happen, and there are good and bad ways to handle them. Getting the hackles up, subtly threatening the employment relationship, whining about being polite, are all bad ways to handle it.

The difference is the societal context. Women are judged by and valued for their appearance (to the exclusion of other attributes) to an extent that men are not.

Have you talked to women? They're even more concerned with what men look like than we are about them!

The things women talk about in regards to men would put even the manliest of construction workers whistling after every woman on the street to shame.

Please note my parenthetical.

The difference is in what is being marketed and to whom. Perfume is all about presentation and is marketed towards women.

Geeklist is a social media startup marketed towards both genders.

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