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I tried to buy the deluxe edition but stopped when paypal kicked in.

Was burned before while paying with paypal (money got stuck, took a long time and lots of papers to get it back, the payment didn't even go through), promised myself I won't do it again.

For lots of people outside of US, paypal is not really an option. How about google checkout?

Don't know what it takes to integrate with it as a seller, though.

I'm really not sure that's true. I'm in the UK and it is very widely used, accepted and trusted.

Furthermore Google checkout doesn't even work in many non-US countries and is incredibly buggy.

The three times I've tried to use it I've never been able to pay in the UK using different computers, different cards and different browsers.

It probably works at the moment, but it's still shockingly crap for a google product.

Just search 'Google Checkout not working', the general murmurings is that it breaks a lot. I'd link it but google has also fucked up being able to copy your search results without bleeding personal information. Sigh. They really are turning into a mediocre company.

Anecdote: the only fraudulent credit card charge throughout my entire life occurred shortly after signing up for Google Checkout. There was a $300 adwords charge on my account, and I do not even have an adwords account, so this clearly defied account physics. I asked $GOOG but their black hole customer disservice never bothered to explain what had happened. I no longer trust Google.

I'm in Brazil and pay all the time with PayPal, never had any trouble (I'd be more cautious if I was on the receiving end, though).

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