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The design/development community can definitely benefit from guides like this. Love the idea.

However, if you wouldn't mind some helpful criticism:

1. I think the landing page could benefit from a product shot above the fold, especially to balance the tagline "An eBook about Unicorn Insults" so as not to confuse.

2. I want to click the big orange "button" at the top so bad. It looks like a button. Other buttons on the page have this same exact style. But, I can't click it!

3. The rotated "move" icon in place of the "close" button on the lightbox is rather confusing. I still see it as a move icon. Maybe it's just me, though.

4. I had no idea clicking on the unicorn at the bottom would load new quotes. Perhaps an indicator that this is the action would be helpful.

I'm sure you've done great work and have worked with many big-name startups, but, sorry, the landing page presents like amateur hour. Not to insult, just my first impression.

Thanks for your detailed feedback!

1. I thought about using a 3D mockup of the eBook, but I figured it was a little cheesy. After all, it's a book, people know what it looks like. I know, I know, that's not how you sell stuff…

2. I made the title look like a button on purpose since the book is about user interfaces. Probably not the greatest idea I've had…

3. That's actually not a close icon, but an "expand" icon. You can just click anywhere to close the lightbox

4. This is an easter egg, so I didn't want to make it too easy. Seems like you found out anyway :)

I'm definitely open to criticism. For my defense, I should say that I design my own stuff differently than I would design for a client. So I'm willing to give up a couple sales if I can inject some more personality in the design.

3. That's actually not a close icon, but an "expand" icon. You can just click anywhere to close the lightbox

That's also a usability issue with the lightbox UI. I couldn't figure why the "close" button was not working, either.

in the console shows all quotes :)

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