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It looks really awesome. Unfortunately that line "Order now! Quantities are limited!" means I won't make the purchase, where I would typically have made one to support what otherwise looks like a professional site and useful tool.

I've seen the tactic before. Create a sense of urgency through scarcity. Scarcity makes people buy.

Seriously? Limited quantities of a digital asset?

Having seen most marketing tricks (starting with the best one of all - "lather, rise and... repeat") I may be a little too sensitive to it.

Sorry if that didn't come across, but that was indented as a parody of obnoxious sites that create false scarcity. By definition, a web product like an eBook can't be limited in quantity. So I thought the humor would be clear.

But I hadn't considered that there are sites that use this tactic even to sell eBooks or subscriptions, so I should probably clarify this… Curious to know if other people got the joke or took it literally?

Please don't dumb down your sense of humour for people who get offended every time someone sneezes in a dream.

Coming from "Spearchucker", I can hardly consider his criticism of silliness valid.

The 12.7 million copies remaining was a huge indicator to me it was joke

12.699.999 copies. I just bought one.

I, too, took it literal. Could be because this community is made up of very literal folks.

There, changed it. If people still take this one literally, I don't know what to say…

I just read it ("Order now! Only 12.7 million copies remaining!") and found it amusing. Not sure what the other version was.

You can't always please the literal internet.

In fact, I'm buying it because of this (amongst other good reasons). Love this line!

THAT version is funny. So funny in fact, that I am now the proud owner of the deluxe edition!

Thanks for helping me improve my copy then :)

No, I think that's hilarious. If anything, the comments here supporting you will help teach some humor skills to those of us don't need the lesson in social interaction.

This is crazy. It was totally hilarious. 12.2 million digital copies remaining! ORDER NOW!

Got the joke, thought it was hilarious. :) Esp the 12.7 million copies remaining part.

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