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Have you thought about releasing this as a KickStarter project? Might be good from a marketing standpoint?

The design of this page is sort of hard for me to get through - I know you intentionally made it informal, but maybe something to consider.. I'm a huge fan of the products you've designed, but not a fan of this layout for presenting the book. Specifically, it's way too much work to find the area to buy it, and there's no real call to action (or clarity) above the fold when the page first loads. The unicorn insults thing - feels like you stumbled into an inside joke, not an incredible ebook by an awesome designer. Just my $.02, I'm not sure if you were even looking for feedback on that but figured I'd share.

Looking forward to downloading it!

I would love to use KickStarter for something one day, but it should be something that I really couldn't achieve by myself. I wouldn't want to use KickStarter as just a way to collect pre-payments and test the market, I don't think that's what it's about.

Sorry you don't like the design, but I honestly can't really agree that it's "too much work" to find the "buy" buttons: you just have to scroll one screen. I have a hard time imagining there are people out there who desperately want to buy this eBook, but are thwarted by the 300 extra pixels… After all, not every site has to scream "buy!" "buy!" in people's face.

That being said, thanks for taking the time to write down your feedback, I appreciate it!

Fair enough on KickStarter - I've seen it used in both cases. I think with your resume the community over there would really enjoy it, but fair enough.

Re the design, all I meant by too much work is that I actually needed to look for where to buy. It's obviously a clean set up, there's just not much information that shows up above the fold that makes me want to scroll down (it was the comments in this section and the title of this post that even got me to your page). But yeah - obviously you've thought through it and it's your thing. Good luck with it!

You definitely make some good arguments, thanks again for sharing your feedback :)

Here's a KickStarter idea:

1. Make a micro-dock for the iPhone that includes a functional tiny keyboard. 2. For super cool points, make it look like a Compaq 5250 (Pentium class) laptop, with scaled proportions.

The screen on those was 800x600 with quite a big border, so there's room to work with.

my 2 cents: put it on Appsumo

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