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Is this all just visual design? Or are you showing how to actually integrate it into CSS or however it will be implemented?

No, it's purely visual design. It's more about the theory behind design choices than the actual practical matter of designing and coding the UI.

There are lots of Photoshop and CSS tutorials out there already, so I thought it was more interesting to focus on different things.

I bought this book and will happily buy the next one if you'll cover the process of slicing that PSD and converting it to HTML. I'm capable, but I always feeling like I'm working too hard when I do it. I'd just like to see how a professional does it, I guess.

Or if you know of a resource that details this process, I'd read that, too.

Well, the app is open source so you will be able to check out how they implemented it. It's not a complete guide but it could get you started maybe?

Just the visual design. The app is still in development.

I love how you assume all designs eventually get implemented as CSS. Priceless.

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