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By the way, the app that I'm designing in this eBook is a Rails+Backbone.js open-source chat app, kind of like an open-source Campfire. I'm working on it in collaboration with the Bushido (YC S11) guys. It's not out yet, but if you're interested you can sign up for the upcoming beta here: http://kandan.me/

Kandan looks interesting. Just curious, why have a private beta for an open source app?

I think it's mainly to make it easier to manage user feedback.

But the annoying sign up form is there because the app is not ready yet. As soon as it's functional, people will get access fairly quickly.

Just bought the book and signed up for the beta :) very exciting

Just curious, is it from Asia? (name sounds so?)

Oh no. The name in Japanese means "way of the Samurai". The founders are American.

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