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ExportMyPosts.com - Backup Your Posterous Blog Data in One Click (jazzychad.net)
36 points by jazzychad on Mar 20, 2012 | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

Hi hn! I'm so happy to get this finished and out the door that I'm giving away some free exports. Use the promo code HACKERNEWS on the products page (after login) to get a free export. It's good for the first 25 people that use it.

Please let me know your feedback. I'm hoping this is a useful tool that will provide some value for people. If it proves to be popular, it could then be expanded to other services, etc...

Looks great. Please consider a [tumblr](http://tumblr.com/) to [scriptogr.am](http://scriptogr.am/) export.

I'd happily pay $20 for that (and we all know HN comment anecdote is evidence).

Why do you need one for scriptogr.am? don't you already have the source in your dropbox with that?

Edit: Sorry misread the to scriptogr.am

I want to migrate to scriptogr.am, but after a weekend of failed attempts modifying [Jekyll Blog Migration scripts][github], I was giving the free market (and my laziness) a nudge.

While posterous demise makes tumblr the winner of the space, I do think its social features/direction really gets in the way for those that just want a simple and fast blog.

Some more links for anyone interested hint, hint, wink, wink:

    * [ import-from-tumblr.js][github 2]
    * [Tumblr to Jekyll migration][github 3]
    * [ Migrating from Tumblr to Jekyll][55minutes]
    * [Markdown to HTML to Markdown to…][pennywised]    
[55minutes]: http://blog.55minutes.com/2012/02/migrating-from-tumblr-to-j... [github]: https://github.com/mojombo/jekyll/wiki/Blog-Migrations [github 2]: https://github.com/rsms/rsms.github.com/blob/master/_scripts... [github 3]: https://gist.github.com/867468 [pennywised]: http://pennywised.com/markdown-train

thanks for getting this out there. my export is underway. just a quick note, after i signed up with the code it took me to a page that basically said i was done. but what i really needed to do was click on my name in the header, then click home, then click export or something like that. which actually took me a bit to figure out. an opportunity for clearer instructions or big colorful buttons.

hmm, thanks for the feedback. i'll see if i can improve the flow there.

Just queued up 3 blogs for exporting, working as expected, feels good. :)

My only complaint was that I had to give my username/password, but @jazzychad tells me that's the only form of auth for the Posterous API, sadly. If you want to change your password before giving it away, here's the linky: http://posterous.com/#account/edit

Update (~10 minutes later): First export is done. Fast S3 download, nice in-archive directory structure, both HTML and JSON outputs, both scales and original media. Everything I could have asked for.

Yes, the only way to auth with their API is with user/pass... but I am using ssl on my server, using ssl to connect to their api, and am storing the passwords using strong encryption on my server. I never see or log the passwords.

However, if you are paranoid like me and want to change your password anyway, please don't change it back before your exports finish :)

I have a feeling a lot of people will be wanting to move from Posterous to hosted WordPress. There's an import plugin available[1], but it seems to have some major issues. You might want to consider adding support for WordPress's WXR format.

1: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/posterous-importer/

+1 for support for downloading a format that can be imported into Wordpress.

My favorite line from the blog post:

"If you are looking for a free solution, you can read the Posterous API documentation to create your own backups."

Well said and great job on the tool Chad! If had a posterous blog, this would be a $9 no-brainer.

Doesn't RSS already do this for you?

Sure, if you want to write the code to backup all your data, and if the RSS feed contains every post. But this tool is for people that don't want to (or don't know how) to mess with that.

Works like a charm. Upgraded to export all my blogs. Thanks Chad.

Cool tool! And nice turn around!

Minor Typo on the homepage: s/refernce/reference/

oops, thanks. fixed.

cool. just got a free export, just waiting for it to finish. now to look into building an importer and start a new mini blog...

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