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Why will it explode in a few months?

Because right now you have to intentionally "hack" your server to include it, once it's part of some standard components, it will be used automatically, or at least will be easy enough to add. I think nginx is working on including it in the default setup.

And just in time they announced on Twitter "Early prototype of nginx/SPDY works in the lab" https://twitter.com/#!/nginxorg/status/182176707275534336

Thanks for the replies. Last time I looked there was an experimental apache mod that looked dead, and not much else. Glad to see activity again.

See http://webtide.intalio.com/2012/03/jetty-spdy-is-joining-the... for a hyperbolic endorsement.

To sum it up, clients (SPDY enabled by default in FF13 and already in Chrome) and servers (Apache, nginx, Jetty, node, Google sites) are becoming available, some niches (mobile, high latency) are bound to benefit a lot and it's a good (better?) solution for the general case.

It will be enabled by default in Firefox 13.

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