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I've never used EmacsWiki, but the tone of this article seems a bit off, mocking the author of EmacsWiki for using his own software, etc.

It also overlooks one of the hardest parts of building a community site like emacswiki, which is, well, building the community!

Anyone can install mediawiki. Not many people will be able to put the time and effort that the emacswiki community has to keep a site going.

About the only part of the article that I agree with is that it's time to start moving code off the wiki. Though this isn't a "deadline" type problem, it should simply be discouraged going forward and packages of interest should start migrating.

Not only that, package developers are 'lazy' for not documenting or moving to github? I don't see the author volunteering to do anything. :)

> but the tone of this article seems a bit off

Indeed. I smell some personal bias/agenda here.

You can not kill off an existing , actively used system (however crufty it may be) without a fully functional alternate in place.

You know, I didn't get that vibe. I felt that the author brought up a lot of legitimate complaints about EmacsWiki. Having used EmacsWiki, I agree with a lot of them, especially the stuff about the advice on the wiki usually being very dated and confusing. The choice of software might be the least of the complaints, but the author didn't seem to dwell on it.

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