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I won't thank you for suggesting GitHub, because after I've taken your suggestion, I will be less free! Gitorious is the superior solution :)

I upvoted you, but mostly because I hate downvotes for unpopular stances.

But please answer this question: how does using Github make you "less free"? All parts of Github (even parts of the web interface, like the wiki) can be used stand-alone. All your data can be easily dumped, most of them in a ready-to-reuse form (the git repositories, the wiki and github pages). So, from lock-in perspective, gitorious and github are quite alike. What exactly is it that makes you, as an individual, less free then using gitorious? Sure, the software is less free, but your data: not so much.

Totally agree about Gitorious, but I think it'd be wise to support GitHub (and Bitbucket) as they are used by a large chunk of people.

"wise to support github"?

What does that mean? Github is not some function/feature that you support?

The point that the article makes is that OddMuse makes a horrible project hosting system. It's easy enough to store a link to github, or bitbucket, or gitorious (and in all reality, they all speak git, so it's just another remote) as the official project location in whatever new wiki-system emerges.

Basically, responding to Github issues and pull requests gives access to a whole wealth of people who use Github to communicate and collaborate.

So in order to "support github and bitbucket" you have to keep copies of your project at both sites? That makes less sense than the original post. The OP uses and when including bitbucket the only way your explanation of "support github" makes sense is with "or bitbucket."

> So in order to "support github and bitbucket" you have to keep copies of your project at both sites?

Yes. It's not difficult and means you can accept pull requests from both Mercurial and Git users.



And separate issue/ticket systems? Do you do it for the LOLZ?

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