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Whoever downvoted me, please say why. If I'm wrong, I'm very curious to know why (because I work on a macbook and I'd like my life to be easier).

I never use fink, macports or homebrew to install on my Mac. It's pretty much download source, take a look at the README/INSTALL and go from there.

The main issue is that Mac is probably not the usual target system for these builds (in comparison to a mainstream Linux distro). And as such differences in the version of the compiler, the set of libraries, installed dev tools, etc. may lead to build issues. You might have to download a few more things or know to add or override compiler or link flags.

Even with the latest Ubuntu or Fedora distro, you still run into having to know that you might need to install dev files to get a build from source to work (recent example for me is pcre libs for nginx).

Ubuntu is a pretty weak unix.

How do you really go about this? Where did you get your compiler? Where did you get autotools? My point is that OSX doesn't contain the basic requirements for bootstrapping by default anymore.

> How do you really go about this? Where did you get your compiler? Where did you get auto tools?

You install the 'XCode Command Line Tools' as provided by Apple, or one of a number of third-party packages.

Similarly, on many unices, you will need to install a compiler (and particularly autotools); they are not always part of a default install, which may be just as well.

Ubuntu is a weak unix because its not one at all, its a Linux distro (and a watered down divergent fork of Debian at that).

Also, OSX does contain the basic requirements: install XCode from the app store.

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