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All of Einstein's writings are now online (alberteinstein.info)
290 points by jamesjyu 1799 days ago | hide | past | web | 23 comments | favorite

This is great. Would love them in a more accessible format. 10 mins in and I still haven't been able to find anything actually written by him… :-)

Just did a wildcard search and found all the documents in a second.

All 80,000+ documents from the archives:


I did the same, but I still can't figure out how to read a document once you clicked the search result. i.e. http://new.alberteinstein.info/vufind1/Record/EAR000000005/T...

You have to click on the blurry DB Info image.

I know, intuitive, right? You know it's a "a user-friendly interface" because they say so [1].

[1] http://alberteinstein.info/manuscripts.html

Did you actually see a page yet? I only got "Currently there is no image available for this record. This is due shortly." so far, or no image to click on.


"Notes on field theory and general relativity", by using the query "General relativity". I hope there'll be more like this, it's quite interesting to see.

I agree, the UI is kinda terrible :(

The search is. The reader is the same one as the internet archive, which is IMHO pretty great:


I had exactly the same thought. Although I gave up after 3 min. :)

I'm excited about the digitzation project, but the search experience is so poor that it's difficult and cumbersome to locate any actually digitized work. Some of the digitized documents appear to be broken - like this one http://new.alberteinstein.info/vufind1/Record/EAR000016939. Those that you do find are virtually impossible to read, because they aren't actually transcriptions, they're relatively low-res image scans of his manuscripts. http://new.alberteinstein.info/vufind1/Digital/EAR000000025#... - then there's access wall pdfs embedded in some of the DB entries https://sec2.einstein.caltech.edu/CookieAuth.dll?GetLogon?cu... What a mess. I can only hope they make it much better in future revs.

I'm sure the internet will now point out how horribly wrong he was about everything.

The thing that makes me saddest about Einstein is that his last words are forever lost since they were in German to a nurse that did not speak the language.

I haven't heard this nor can find the narrative. Please cite.

Wow, what fascinating quotes. Thank you for sharing.

Maybe something like: "Now I see if I was right."

I clicked on "Archival Database" and then "Find" (with no input) to see all documents. Using the filters on the right, I was then able to filter for Author = "Albert Einstein", Language = "English", and Digital Object = "Digitized Documents". Here's a link to what I got (sorted by title alphabetically): http://new.alberteinstein.info/vufind1/Search/Results?lookfo...

Even so, I am unable to figure out how to access the document. Perhaps I am missing something relevant?

Heh, not after the HN + Reddit effect.

we should always have people commenting when the site goes down after HN/reddit effect (if no one has done it already) and then we can have an avg time goes down/host provider graph show up. :)

It sounds cool, but site doesn't load for me.

Same here.. Anyone found a mirror? or contacted the original hoster? I wouldn't mind hosting a torrent if that can help.

The same to me.

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