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Unfortunately the defaults are suited to large numbers of collaborators. For example tags are not pushed by default. With a small number of collaborators that is highly annoying - of course you all want to see and use the same tags, and not remember magic flags. With a thousand collaborators you don't want the master repositories littered with tags from all and sundry unless they really meant it - ie you must remember magic flags.

I really wish the guis were better. They can look at number of collaborators, project size, merges, branches etc and behave appropriately eg noticing that tags aren't pushed. I did try a bunch (Linux desktop) and they are uniformly ugly and somewhat hostile. The least worst one I found was gitg.

My experience on other projects (using Hg) has been that perpetual intermediates that use command line tools only make the most DVCS mistakes while TortoiseHg resulted in the fewest mistakes. Git's command line definitely isn't aimed at perpetual intermediates hence the "usability" complaints.

Try gitx, this has served me well for the past 6 months. Used to use solely command line for years, but I can't go past the visibility and ease of use that gitx provides. I use the history view and add/commit workflow in gitx. Anything more fancy like interactive rebases and merges I drop back to command line. Works a treat.

This fork is a good one: http://gitx.laullon.com/

I did specifically mention that I am using a Linux desktop ...

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