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I always, always, always specify the remote and branch name whenever I push. It's saved me many headaches; colleagues often seem annoyed that I do this, but for some reason making it a habit has been invaluable.

I do, however, support "getting the defaults right".

>colleagues often seem annoyed that I do this

What a peculiar thing to be annoyed by. I take it you are pairing?

I think it seems overly pedantic or something. I could also be imagining things.

You're not. It seems to drive some people nuts that I obsessively type "vim" instead of "vi" even though most of the time the default differences won't be an issue.

It's to be expected, people are threatened by anything different, no reason command line habits should be any different.

I do the same thing... the time spent typing the extra characters is trivial, my annoyance when my editor doesn't behave exactly as I expect because I was on a differently configured server is huge by comparison.

+1. i do the same. Given i end up working on a different variety of unices. it's less of a surprise when i get command not found than dropping to vi and not finding the familiar commands.

Obviously I don't really care if people think it's pedantic. But thanks for your validation...

People get themselves worked up over the silliest things.

I do this as well, but mainly because the default behavior of 'git push' makes me jittery. I might be more comfortable if this change is made. +1

You might find it more comfortable if you set your push.default to "nothing", which will stop git from pushing anything if no refspec is given.

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