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As pointed out by somebody in the comments, you can get this new behavior today by running

  git config --global push.default upstream
See also http://stackoverflow.com/a/948397

EDIT: actually, the proposed change is to "upstream" and not "current", edited the command to reflect this.

You don't have to look in the comments, it says so right in the article:

     The proposal is to change the default to 'upstream'


That's good to know. I was having this issue myself when having a remote branch with a different name than the local branch. git push was ignoring my tracking configuration which I found bizarre. I learned later that you can specify a separate configuration for git push.

This proposed default change in git will make things much clearer, in my opinion and I hope they agree to making the change.


Right, and likewise if this change is made default you can change it back in your config. I'm in support of this change as most of the arguments against it are, "it's not good for experienced users" - which is true, but the experienced users are more likely to configure git anyway.


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