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Absolutely! Though pixel art isn’t dying—the niche is small, but not shrinking, and there are artists who make a considerable amount in commissions, typically sprites and backgrounds for games.

I suggest you check out Pixeljoint[1]—coincidentally it’s down today for a server upgrade, but the community offers excellent feedback for new artists, and the tutorial section has links to some great resources. Pixelation[2] is a great community with many experienced artists from the pixel world and demoscene. You’ll also find a couple of tutorials on an older site of mine, Studio Purloux[3]. One is a general tutorial by my good friend Kevin Chaloux[4], an outstanding and highly regarded pixel artist; the other is my own introduction to manual antialiasing. That should be enough to get you started.

[1]: http://www.pixeljoint.com

[2]: http://www.wayofthepixel.net/

[3]: http://purloux.com/artwork/tutorials/

[4]: http://kaiseto.deviantart.com/

Thank you! Exactly what I had in mind. The attention to detail and tight constraints reminds me a lot of font design / hinting / etc.

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