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Show HN: New homebrew games for the PDP-1 and Apollo Guidance Computer (itch.io)
10 points by arlasoft 10 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
All games are playable in the browser, and were written in the past month in AGC/Macro1 assembler, with the source code available on Github:

https://github.com/1888games/2048_Apollo https://github.com/1888games/2DMaze_AGC https://github.com/1888games/1nvader-PDP-1

Homebrew games for exactly the type of computers you are likely to have at home!

People write games for hopelessly ancient computers from ancient interplanetary space missions. We're long since living in "the future".

Well you do have it at home, the emulators are right there in the browser.

Understanding the past is the key to the future, my friend.

As someone who was first introduced to computers on a ferrite-core machine (as a child), I completely agree!

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