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So just because Napster had built in chat and a wider illegal catalogue it becomes better than Spotify eh? Also, why would I want to know the personality of some ramdom guy on the other side of my p2p connection? This is mostly a fluff piece with absolutely nothing new or interesting being said.

I thought browsing other folks libraries was pretty cool. As an artist, I'd look myself up, and see what else those people listened to. Pretty neat and I've yet to come across anything similar. I haven't had to the time to investigate the other p2p music platforms since then, so probably others have that feature...

I like that aspect of Soulseek. When someone shows up in the search results for some obscure track, you can see what else they listen to. The browsing interface also keeps their music organization, so it can be a pretty interesting way to browse if you run across a collector-type person with an organized-into-genre filesystem. You can also chat with them, and there are in addition IRC-style chat rooms for various genres and interests.

yes, soulseek was created by a former napster developer. it is very similar to napster.

I use Last.fm for that purpose. Check artist you like, find someone who gave them a shout, evaluate their music profile, optionally "friend" them, listen to their music.

I didn't understand that point completely from the article though. Spotify lets you look at what other users listen to and their playlists (if they haven chosen to show them to the public) and I can subscribe to those playlist as well. The thing I guess they talk about is that you can't see who listens to a specific artist, you won't be able to get a huge list of usernames that listen to a certain artist. I guess they keep those goodies for themselves ;)

I too appreciate being able to browse other people's collections. I was only ranting at the way the author chose to write that ('Insight into somebodies personality').

I think the point is that from an end user experience Napster had advantages and features that haven't been replicated or bettered since.

Yes that's ignoring the legality of it, but ultimately we repeatedly see that users will ignore legal issues in favour of convenience.

From a user POV, a wider catalog is obviously better. That doesn't mean that Spotify (the company) should start distributing unlicensed files, nor does the article say that.

Yes, you are correct. I guess what I was trying to say was that there is no way to make a fair comparison between Napster and Spotify - it's not even an apples to oranges comparison.

Of course it is. It just isn't possible to determine the quality of the companies/developers from that comparison, since you have to account for external factors. But you can still show that those external factors prevent Spotify from becoming better than Napster.

Yes. Integrated chat, significantly wider catalogue, abilty to browse other people file and to own the file makes napsyer way better than spotify. And I really dislike napster, it introduced beyond par quality, incomplete and mislabled files and fakes. oth.net and audiogalaxy were far superior.

Though, I'm not blaming spotify here, they have little choice but to operate inside a set of imposed constraints. The big labels and the industry are to blame, it's the same old story they manage to derive tons of money from being in control of the distribution, they're not gonna give it up without a fight. Even though it is a fight they cannot win, they will mindlessly fight it till the end, and those who pay for this are the artists and the users.

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