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But the "evil" aspect of Napster wasn't that it was P2P: it was that it didn't return any money to the creators.

No, it's because it forfeited the control the labels had over the music. They've showed again and again that they don't mind losing money to maintain that control.

P2P is just technology. Making it work so that the right people are compensated is hard. My startup is trying - http://www.gigaom.com/2012/03/05/audiogalaxy-personalized-p2.... This just launched a week or so ago - give it a shot!

Thanks for the suggestion and I hope you'll succeed, but frankly I can't; assuming you're giving a cut of your income to the big labels, I'd be contributing to companies that actively lobby to destroy things I hold dear.

Nowadays I only buy music that I'm reasonably sure it won't feed the RIAA.

But they have already lost that power and are never going to get it back again.

SOPA proves they don't agree with you, unfortunately.

It doesn't really matter in the long run what they choose to believe, given that it is essentially just a game of coders vs lawyers that is being played out on a global computer network.

All SOPA did was underline yet again how little they understand the actual technology involved.

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