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This is a better article than it sounds from the title. It sums up the most important principles I read in pricing books (of which I recommend The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing: http://www.amazon.com/The-Strategy-Tactics-Pricing-Edition/d... )

Just copying the pricing mistakes from the subheadings (parens are mine):

* You’re pricing based on costs (but costs change with volume which is dependent on price)

* You have no idea what your value is (so you guess based on their reactions and your gut feelings)

* You are trying to be cheaper, not better or different (and you lose the pricing war)

* You don’t believe in your own value (and you feel apologetic when giving a quote)

* You fear price objections

* You surprise your prospects with your price

* You have no plan for negotiation

* You think you need one price (you don't segment your customers and leave a lot of value on the table and/or outprice some potential low-effort customers)

* You’re too busy (by underpricing yourself)

Thanks for the summary. Perhaps I should have just written that and saved myself and everyone who read it a whole lot of time. ;-)

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