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Joining Exec (jazzychad.net)
39 points by jazzychad on Mar 16, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

I'm going to be "that guy" and say it: who cares? I was expecting a substantive blog post, but what I got seems better placed on twitter.

Well, I do at least (and presumably the 27 other people that upvoted this so far). Not interesting to you? That's ok. You can flag and ignore it. This move means a lot to me.

Just listened to your Mixergy interview this past week. Guess this is a mix between being a founder and being at a 100 person company :). Congrats.

Couldn't be happier for ya man. I'm sure twilio will miss you but Justin knows he couldn't ask for a better engineer.

Kick some ass over there and keep building out an awesome service

Glad to see you back in the early-stage startup life again!

Not sure why someone is downvoting all of the comments in this thread. If you dont like a submission, flag it, dont downvote all of the people who commented.

Fantastic. Thanks for posting this. I was wondering how you've been doing. Welcome to the startup life again. :D

Chad, congrats on your new adventure and looks like your in great company!

Congrats Chad! I just registered with Exec. Can't wait to try the service. Let's chat soon.




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