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The UI is very cool! The Google Maps window loads very quickly when hovering over various show times. I immediately understood how this app could be useful. I also like the big high-res trailers.

Using Firefox 10 on my Windows 7 desktop machine, I clicked allow on the location sharing prompt, but the location it pulled was way off from my actual location. I assume it's going off my ISP location. I couldn't find any way to manually edit my location? I totally get the motivation to make it "just work" without a bunch of input from the user, but it seems you need a way to allow for fixing the location by the user.

Some of the locations it showed me movie times were quite far from me, which is OK -- the additional options were fine. But the next question that popped into my head when I saw the combination of a showtime and a location is "When do I have to leave?" A read-out of "You need to leave at X:XX to be on time for this movie" would be useful.

The placement of the "Get Tickets" link under each movie made it tricky to move the mouse there from the showtime link I had settled on without tripping over another showtime link -- kind of like that game where you move the ball through the maze! Clicking the showtime link just took me to a blank white page -- I assume this is not intentional.

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