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This is a pretty neat idea. One thing I'd consider changing is your use of the Rotten Tomatoes rating icons. You're using the Tomatometer Critics icons, but the % score you're displaying is actually the audience rating. This may not matter most of the time, but occasionally you have a movie like "A Thousand Words" that has a 0% tomatometer rating, and a 60% audience rating. (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/a-thousand-words/). Mixing up the two ratings could be a little misleading.

It may be better to just include both ratings on there, or stick with a single rating source.

Good point. The behavior is actually to use critics score unless the critics score isn't available (0 for A Thousand Words triggered that), in which case it falls back to use the audience score, if it's available. I'll think about this a bit more, thanks for pointing it out!

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