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Lots of neat stuff here. "Event listings"--movies, music, etc.-- can still improve a lot in terms of ease of use, so I'm very happy to see people work in this area.

A few thoughts:

- I'd want more movie options & theaters (need a much bigger radius).

- When a single movie has showtimes at multiple theaters, the action on the map confused me at first.

- I personally know where my local movie theaters are. I do care very much about which theaters are available for a movie, because they vary in quality and convenience, but I have to hover over showtimes to see the theater options for a particular movie. So there may be a different UI which helps me optimize my decision (e.g. with less emphasis on the map)

- Title says "pick tonight's movie", but I can't actually figure out how to see the showtimes for later tonight--movies with a lot of showtimes are only showing the midday options.

- Can ads be removed from the video trailer? Seems unpleasant to see an ad during an ad. Also, normal video controls would be handy.

all great ideas, thanks. the ads in the trailers are youtube's ads... so probably can't get rid of those.

i'll figure out a way to show movie times further into the future, midday bit is frustrating yeah.

Can you hook into another movie trailer service? Perhaps Apple trailers? I imagine that since trailers are Ads, there might be a service that provides some sort of affiliate commission, or at least shows them without ads and without fees.

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