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WAT Driven Development (jrom.net)
44 points by jrom on Mar 14, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

The ESC key in vi is idempotent. It's not doing it wrong to hit it thousands of times. It's doing it wrong to have to model the state of your editor in your head.

I have a similar habit of typing "git " in my terminal, and then getting distracted while I think through what I'm trying to do, and then just typing "git " again. Rather than punish myself, I just wrote a script called git-git. https://github.com/jes5199/git-git so I can type "git git git push" and it works.

You can also achieve the same effect by placing the following in your .gitconfig:

        git = !git

" It's doing it wrong to have to model the state of your editor in your head "

WAT? By that logic you don't know if you are in insert mode half the time, and start typing random characters all over the place.

Never stay in insert mode unless you are typing! Insert mode is a brief experience. itype type type<esc>

"It's ... wrong to have to model the state of your editor in your head."

from the mouth of a vi user...

This just perpetuates the mispronunciation of 'WAT'.

It is properly pronounced deadpan, to rhyme with 'but' (with no h-sound wutsoever).

My reference pronunciation has always been like the word "watt", deadpan, with a blank face while staring into space.

I tend to agree with this, but in the circles I run in where it was used it's also spelled 'wut'. I was a little confused when I first saw it here on HN as 'wat'.

Properly? References? Anyway, who cares, it's funnier to say when you sound it like "cat".

"This just perpetuates the mispronunciation of 'WAT'."

What a silly thing to pretend to have any knowledge over. As if there is a consensus, or any authority by your part on the matter.


Back when I used Visual Studio (1999), I did something similar using Robby the Robot (Warning), Daleks (for errors), the "You have the power" (Compilation successful) chick from RevCo's Gila Copter/Silence of the Lambs, and a Skinny Puppy rift (hitting a breakpoint)...good times!

I bet your co-workers loved you.

Does anyone know how to set bell sound in iTerm 2 on OS X?

alpb I use iTerm2, it just uses the system sound as I explained. Make sure you didn't enable "Silence bell" under iTerm2 prefs, Profiles, Terminal (the tab), Notifications.

This is great! I just downloaded the mp3, converted it to WAV and now use it as the sound played when CCTray (for CC.NET) reports a broken build.

Haha, awesome! We're hooking it up with our CI to have a WAT when a build fails.

All of these wats are wrong.

Here is mine, to you, from me: http://soundcloud.com/ironballs/wat

private track?

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