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> It's going to take a little while for a language like Scala (or any JVM based language) to fully penetrate the market.

By a wide margin, the overall consensus in the JVM community seems to be that Scala will probably never be more popular than it is today, which means, it will never become mainstream. Hopefully, one of Ceylon or Kotlin will succeed where Scala failed.

With that in mind, Play betting on Scala is quite a risky direction indeed.

+1 can you please backup your claim? Scala does not need to be Java popular to be usable (probably no alternative JVM lang will ever be as popular as Java - especially now that Java is evolving).

also, play is not "betting" on scala. Just because it was implemented in scala and provides a scala API that does not mean you can not use the framework from Java (or Kotlin, or Jruby etc.). If you do not care about the scala API, that's fine, use the Java API instead.


Not saying you're wrong, but says who? Can you point to evidence of this consensus?

I'm seriously asking, not trying to challenge you.

It's just that most of the curves have remained flat. Look on job boards, language rankings, github stats, or even the Scala reddit, which is a ghost town.

Taken in isolation, these numbers don't mean much but when you start putting all the evidence together, it's hard to make a case that Scala is growing at all.

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