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Not much of a fan of the new Typesafe Stack. It doesn't seem to install the scala, play and akka command-line tools like the old versions did. Is there a way to get a straight Scala REPL, or does everything have to go through giter8 and sbt now?

The new typesafe-stack deb package also wants to install all of OpenJDK as well, even if you've got Oracle JDK already installed and on the path.

You can get it directly from scala-lang.org:


I was aware of that, but it seems silly to have a separate installation of Scala just for the REPL when the stack includes most of the important stuff already.

I guess that I'd be better off just using the individual components instead, for now. With the new version it feels like they've switched from being a fairly plain "distribution" of Scala/Akka to more of an opinionated tool set based on giter8 and sbt. That's a pretty big jump, and I'm hoping that the lack of command-line support tools is something that's fixable once things are settled a bit.

Then are you just asking how to get a Scala REPL using sbt?

If so, you can get one by entering the command 'sbt console' in a project directory. This will give you a scala console with the added bonus that all of the files in your project will be loaded as part of the REPL's classpath.

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