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It may be an imperfect analogy, but to call it "rude" seems like a stretch.

I think it's a condescending analogy, definitely not the way to talk to your CEO.

Respect for the sake of respect, especially if detrimental to getting your point across is highly overrated.

I respectfully disagree good sir!

Most arguments can be made so that the 'opponent' is receptive and thankful for your input. The arguments which cannot, are perhaps best left unsaid.

The idea that you should not make arguments that might offend someone else is completely absurd. Many times when you are arguing something there are a lot more important things than another person's feelings at stake.

When did you ever win an argument once you've offended the other party?

I've offended plenty of people, and I can't recall ever winning an argument against them afterwards - at that point, things like facts and customer benefits are irrelevant, and it simply becomes about not letting the other person "win".

The thing is, its not under your control whether the other party is offended. Sometimes there are objective facts and the other person is wrong. Say that you know if you push for your viewpoint the other person will be offended, but you know (and have evidence for) your point of view also. Should you not put it out there and fight hard for it because someone else's feelings might get hurt? What if Galileo had taken the same stance with the Church?

Yes actually it is well within your powers to control their offence levels.

I didn't say it was easy, but since when were humans easy?

Agree to disagree I guess.

It also depends on the context of the presentation - was he being condescending, for example. Standing by itself, I don't see it as rude, personally.

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