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> The problem with this is that the "new" desktop is fundamentally different from the old one.

If you can't figure out how to use the desktop without the start button (by going to the left-right sides with a mouse movement that is even easier to do), then you really should be using the Metro UI instead, because it was made exactly for you.

> I can pick up my iPad and instantly figure it out.

1. When I got my iPad it enraged me to learn/figure-out that I had to install iTunes and connect the two.

2. You're now comparing the touch based iPad UI with mouse/keyboard driven Windows 8 Desktop UI.

1. You don't need a compute to use an iPad anymore.

2. It doesn't matter if it's apples-to-oranges as far as touch vs. mouse/keyboard - the key issue here is how understandable the UI is. Windows 7, if you know how to use a mouse and a keyboard, is completely understandable. Windows 8 makes absolutely no sense.

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