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I happened to come across that clause last week and tracked down some humorous commentary by jslint's author:

  Douglas: That's an interesting point. Also about once a year, I get a
  letter from a lawyer, every year a different lawyer, at a company--I don't
  want to embarrass the company by saying their name, so I'll just say their


  ...saying that they want to use something I wrote. Because I put this on
  everything I write, now. They want to use something that I wrote in
  something that they wrote, and they were pretty sure they weren't going to
  use it for evil, but they couldn't say for sure about their customers. So
  could I give them a special license for that?

  Of course. So I wrote back--this happened literally two weeks ago--"I give
  permission for IBM, its customers, partners, and minions, to use JSLint for

His javascript minifier 'jsmin' was causing projects to get removed from Google Code and other places that only host open source code, so I emailed Mr. Crockford to ask if I could get the same extension he gave to IBM. His response was less than thrilling-

I released to free use for all with the only condition that it not be used for evil. If that is unacceptable to you, then you may not use it. Your options are to bend to the pro-evil fanatics, or to find a more reasonable hosting solution.

Ultimately I wrote my own called JShrink (which I just moved to github this weekend - https://github.com/tedivm/JShrink).

The point being, he's not actually willing to make the change.

Nice work. Google also reimplemented jsmin as jsmin.py here: https://github.com/v8/v8/blob/master/tools/jsmin.py

Now we just need an evil-friendly reimplementation of jslint.

A quick search shows quite a few examples lurking on Google code


Is Google actually enforcing this? I would be curious to know how many projects have been affected by it.

Can he now be accused of being an accomplice of the evil doing of IBM?

If this evil thing is also illegal, is he putting himself into legal risk? After all, he explicitly agreed on the evil task.

The video of that talk (relevant portion here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hCimLnIsDA) is available further down the page: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3693327

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