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No. There is no plan to support H264.

Seriously - there is not decision been taken here. This is just a discussion about gecko on Android, and the implication for Desktop.

Saying "Firefox will support H264 and MP3 decoding with OS codecs" is just speculation.

Edit: to be clear: I am saying that there's no plan to support H264 on Firefox Desktop.

If there's a workable solution for supporting codecs in gecko via a system license, why not use the same method on the desktop? Why fragment the engine?

Because Firefox Mobile is some bullshit if it can't play any video content (it doesn't support Flash.)

The nightly builds of Firefox Mobile have supported flash for some time now.

You're right, thanks.

Saying "Firefox will support H264 and MP3 decoding with OS codecs" is just speculation.

Quoting directly from the link:

Initially this will be enabled on Gonk (B2G). In a few weeks we will add support for Android as well. We will support encoding any video/audio format that is supported by existing decoders present on the system, including H.264 and MP3.

Of course it's possible that the bug doesn't land. But calling this speculation? Please.

I was talking about Firefox Desktop.

It would be an interesting position for Mozilla to take, to capitulate on this issue on Mozilla's very own platform (B2G) and the fastest growing mobile platform Mozilla is currently active on (Android), yet not do so on the platform where the largest current userbase lies.

I do not see what benefits it could have.

I agree. Kinda of an uncomfortable position here. Let's see how this evolves.

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